robin-bower-authorI am an Australian author and accredited editor with more than 25 years in publishing. After editing educational books in Melbourne, I quit to travel to Hong Kong and became managing editor/publisher of a trade magazine where I reported on the diamond and jewellery industry for Asia and Europe.

This post relates something of my experience overseas.

I taught Writing, Editing and Publishing at Curtin University, Perth. I have had about 50 articles published in publications based in Hong Kong, Perth and Melbourne including:

  • Perth Woman – Bargain Hunters
  • The West Australian – Paradise Revisited
  • The West Australian – Visiting the Guru in Ubud
  • B International (Hong Kong) – A Teacher of Note
  • B International (Hong Kong) – First Lady of Hong Kong
  • B International (Hong Kong) – Playing for Courts and Kings
  • B International (Hong Kong) – Traveling Life’s Great Road
  • Australian Book Review – Garry Disher
  • Single Life (Melbourne) – First Grade Love

I was awarded a Master of Creative Writing from the University of Canberra. I am past president of the Society of Editors (WA), a member of the Australian Society of Authors and Writing WA, and past assistant editor, indigo literary journal in Western Australia.

Read other writing about travel, lifestyle, writing and inspiration here.

One of the winners of the 2016 City of Rockingham Short Fiction Awards — The Bookseller of Istanbul
Winner Paris Book Festival, art and photography category — Senses of Paris 

My books are a mixture of mystery, action/adventure, relationships and diversity. If you want a taste, you can grab a copy of my first novel, Beyond Home, and get an email whenever I release a new title. Just sign up for the VIP newsletter by hitting this link.

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