Beyond Home a free book by Robin Bower

Ambition can be murder…

On her father’s death, Eve Robinson discovers a diary that reveals he lived a mysterious past in Burma. Why did he lie to her? Eve embarks on a journey to Burma to discover why he was so secretive. Once there, she is kidnapped and becomes embroiled in a scheme of political corruption and murder. She forges an unlikely bond with a charismatic Burmese soldier who will do anything to become the leader of the freedom fighters. Can Eve escape? Will her lover help her or will he fulfil his lifelong dream to be leader? 

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I live in Perth, Western Australia which is sometimes described as being the most isolated city in the world (although Auckland has that dubious distinction). After living in diverse cultures such as London, Austria, Hong Kong and Malaysia, I believe I bring a sense of adventure to my books. Set in Australia and Asia, Beyond Home is the first of my adventurous fiction novels. Read more…